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シャープ(SHARP)洗濯機用 糸くずフィルター 型番2103370244, 2103370182

シャープ(SHARP)洗濯機用 糸くずフィルター 型番2103370244, 2103370182

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純正型番2103370244, 2103370182

適用機種:ES-42EM-H, ES-44V6-JB, ES-44V6-JR, ES-44V6-JS, ES-44V7, ES-45E2KB, ES-45E2KP, ES-45E2KY, ES-45E3KB, ES-45E3KP, ES-45E3KY, ES-45E4, ES-45HC, ES-45JCW, ES-45KCW, ES-45V5-JB, ES-45V5-JG, ES-45V5-JR, ES-45V7-JB, ES-45V7-JR, ES-45V7-JS, ES-B43-H, ES-C45-A, ES-C45DE, ES-CL45D-A, ES-D45-W, ES-DB42-H, ES-DC42-H, ES-F445-A, ES-F456A, ES-F45KC, ES-FG44-A, ES-FG45-A, ES-FG45-Y, ES-FG45FA, ES-FG45H, ES-FG45H-A, ES-FG45K-A, ES-FL45, ES-GL45, ES-L42-H, ES-N4K-H

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