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Panasonic ナショナル 洗濯機用 糸くずフィルター 型番AXW22A-6BM0, AXW22A-6BM3, AXW22A-6RUO

Panasonic ナショナル 洗濯機用 糸くずフィルター 型番AXW22A-6BM0, AXW22A-6BM3, AXW22A-6RUO

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純正型番AXW22A-6BM0 AXW22A-6BM3 AXW22A-6RUO

適用機種:NA-F420, NA-F500, NA-F501, NA-F502, NA-F50B, NA-F50DV6, NA-F50P1, NA-F50XD, NA-F50XD2, NA-F50Y3, NA-F50Z6, NA-F50Z7, NA-F50Z8, NA-F50Z9, NA-F515T2, NA-F515TS, NA-F601P, NA-F602P, NA-F60PA1, NA-F60PV6, NA-F60PX3, NA-F60PZ5, NA-F60PZ6, NA-F60RP1, NA-F60SP1, NA-F6ZV7, NA-F700P, NA-F701P, NA-F702P, NA-F70A, NA-F70D2R, NA-F70D2S, NA-F70DV5, NA-F70DV6, NA-F70MP3, NA-F70MPV2, NA-F70MPV3, NA-F70PX3, NA-F70PX5, NA-F70RD1, NA-F70RP1, NA-F70SD1, NA-F70SP1, NA-F70WP1, NA-F721P, NA-F722P, NA-F723P, NA-F725P, NA-F7PX5B, NA-F7SE2, NA-F7SE3, NA-F7SE4, NA-F7V7, NA-F800P, NA-F801P, NA-F802P, NA-F80A, NA-F80D2R, NA-F80D2S, NA-F80DV5, NA-F80DV6, NA-F80RD1, NA-F80RP1, NA-F80SD1, NA-F80SP1, NA-F80VE2, NA-F80WP1, NA-F821, NA-F8SE2, NA-F8SE3, NA-F8SE4, NA-F8V7, NA-FD6001, NA-FD6002, NA-FD8000, NA-FD8001, NA-FD8002, NA-FD8003R, NA-FD8003S, NA-FD8005R, NA-FD8005S, NA-FD803V6, NA-FD805V7, NA-FDH50A, NA-FDH525, NA-FDH700A, NA-FDH800A, NA-FR8800, NA-FR8900, NA-FS700, NA-FS701, NA-FS710, NA-FS800, NA-FS801, NA-FS810, NA-FV500, NA-FV525K, NA-FV535K, NA-FV550, NA-FV700, NA-FV7001, NA-FV8000, NA-FV8001


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