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東芝用(TOSHIBA)糸くずフィルター 型番TIF-2, 42044621, 42044587, 42044586, 42044575

東芝用(TOSHIBA)糸くずフィルター 型番TIF-2, 42044621, 42044587, 42044586, 42044575

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純正型番TIF-2, 42044621, 42044587, 42044586, 42044575

適用機種AW-105, AW-205, AW-305, AW-501G, AW-503BI, AW-503G, AW-504BI, AW-504G, AW-504KS, AW-50GA, AW-50GB, AW-50GC, AW-50GCC, AW-50GE, AW-50GEC, AW-50GG, AW-50GGC, AW-5AKS, AW-A42G, AW-A50A, AW-A50G, AW-A50X, AW-A5BM2, AW-A60UP, AW-A60X.A60XP, AW-B42G, AW-B503M, AW-B50G, AW-B50X, AW-B55A, AW-B60DP, AW-B60UP, AW-B60X, AW-B60XP, AW-B6MP, AW-BC50GC, AW-BIC504, AW-C45V, AW-C49X, AW-C50G, AW-C50X, AW-C55X, AW-C60VP, AW-C60XP, AW-C6V1P, AW-D60XP, AW-E50G, AW-E60XP, AW-F50G, AW-G5K.G5N, AW-G5T, AW-GN5GC, AW-GN5GE, AW-GN5GG, AW-GT5GA, AW-GT5GB, AW-H45G, AW-H60X, AW-J5BG, AW-J60VP, AW-J60XP, AW-JB6XP, AW-K505BI, AW-K506BI, AW-K507BI, AW-K508BI, AW-K509BI, AW-K50G, AW-K5CG, AW-L5EG, AW-M5FG

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